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What happens when you get a bunch of smart marketers, SEO’s, and bloggers in one room? Join Blogger List’s group chat and find out.

Get access to a group of successful bloggers you can chat and bounce ideas off of all day. You can get answers to your questions almost instantly, and there is always valuable discussion going on inside the chat. We talk about everything from SEO, behind the scenes of running a blogging business, scaling content, useful tools, affiliate marketing, and building links.

Come lurk, ask questions, and make friends.

A forum filled with deep knowledge and marketing discussion.

You’ll also get access to our private forum. The Blogger List Forum is filled with a wealth of knowledge from experts in all different areas of online business.

Get inside access to the most effective growth and traffic strategies.

See how some of the biggest bloggers run and grow their businesses.

Learn and follow along live case studies from other members.

Get your questions answered by experts who genuinely want to help.

Here’s what members are saying:

“Blogger List is already a small but great community! People talk about SEO, monetization, decision making and everything related to the SEO world inside. The community is like a forum but has quickly become full of familiar faces where you can help or get help in any topic related to the blogging world.”

Servando Silva

“I love Blogger List. I have already been able to learn several things from others that I would never have thought about before which has helped my business. I would never have been able to do this if I was not part of the community!”

Scott Lindsay

“I’ve been a technical WordPress consultant for ages, but when I wanted to switch things up and become a full-time blogger, I needed to learn from someone who’d already done it. I joined the Blogger List community where Chris has attracted members with in-depth experience of blogging, affiliate marketing and monetization. I’ve learned lots just by lurking in the forum. You can too.”

Elizabeth Jamieson

“For me Chris is one of the few people who provides real value without any BS. It took me 0.0001 seconds of thinking to join Blogger List. Even though the forum is newborn, discussions that are already going on BL are interesting and useful. And I’m sure that together we will be making it only better.”


“It’s really informative to learn about what online projects people are working on. Additionally, Chris has been very active in answering questions, sharing suggestions, tips, tricks and money-making ideas. I also try to read daily what folks are discussing in the Telegram feed because I learn so much from other people’s questions. I truly appreciate the diversity of the community and the willingness of many members to help and share. Furthermore, I feel like I’m getting the “inside scoop” by being a part of this private community.”

Bridget Butler

“I love the community. There are some really experienced and successful bloggers on here! I used to struggle with motivation and focus, but a quick check in on the forum and I remember all the reasons why I’m pursuing this lifestyle. It’s worth it, & I can’t wait for the community to grow even more.”

Chris West

“The Blogger List community has been amazing and was just what i needed! It’s a fantastic community with brilliant and creative marketers, but more importantly, a great “think tank” for all internet entrepreneurs pursuing the same goals in life.”

Richard Jeng

“Blogger List has been an invaluable resource for me as a blogger looking for a community. I truly don’t think there is anything quite like it anywhere online.”

Lucas Lee Tyson

“The BloggerList community has provided unbelievable value since joining. There is no better feeling to know you are collaborating with like minded individuals that are successful in many different fields. If you are sick of the “closed” Facebook groups that provided little to no value, this is the place to be.”

Blake Simpson

“Blogger List is one of the best things that happened to me so far in 2019. I expect this community of friendly bloggers to grow, generate interesting ideas, and share honest experiences.”


“If you are ready to get serious about growing your blog, you need to check out Blogger List. These guys are real professionals, and they will encourage you to push yourself like never before!”

Mary Fernandez


What exactly is Blogger List?
Blogger List is a new, private community for marketers and bloggers who all share one common passion and journey: Building websites into profitable businesses.

We have everyone from people just starting out to experienced veterans running $500,000/year businesses. I built it out of my own need/want to connect and learn with smart, like-minded people doing the same kind of work I’m doing. And it’s been the most helpful, fun project I’ve ever worked on growing.

How will this help me?
Blogger List is the friendliest, smartest group of bloggers and marketers in one place. The biggest value in Blogger List is how willing the members are to help and offer advice with each other. You’ll get personalized help and support you need to shave months or years off your learning curve.

What happens after I sign up?
You’ll get instant access to the group chat, forum, and all exclusive training resources. All instructions to get started will be sent to you upon registration.

What if I don’t like it?
You can cancel anytime you like. Cancelling is very easy. You don’t have to call anyone, you won’t be pressured to stay, and you can do it yourself with one click.

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